Frey's Company

During the American Revolution, Bernard Frey was the captain of Frey's Company. His family was from Switzerland and had emigrated to the colony of New York in 1689. He was from the Mohawk River valley and first served with the Indian Department. He was present at the Battle of Oriskany in 1777. He was commissioned Captain in Butler's Rangers on October 2, 1780. After the war, Frey settled in Upper Canada, having received a grant of 3000 acres in Whitby. He died in 1814 at Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake), killed by an American cannonball.

The re-created Frey's company has 19 members in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida.

2019 Calendar of Events
Date Event Location
May 18-19 Rebecca Nurse Homestead Danvers, MA
June 22-23 240th Anniversary - Battle of Springfield Springfield, NJ
July 8 Bidwell House Museum Monterey, MA
August 24-25 240th Anniversary - Battle of Newtown Elmira, NY
October 5-6 Old Stone Fort Encampment Schoharie, NY
November 23 243nd Anniversary of the Retreat from Fort Lee Fort Lee, NJ
Contact Person: David Solek
Address: 580 Wheeler Road
Monroe, CT 06468-3246
Phone: 203-268-7940
E-mail Address: Email Link

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