Bradt's Company

Captain Andrew Bradt was a nephew of Colonel Butler. He was born in Schenectady, a "farmer's son." He was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Indian Department on August 8, 1778 before transferring to the Rangers, He was promoted to Captain in the Rangers in December 1780. The 9th company was mustered complete June 29, 1781, and Bradt was appointed company commander. Bradt commanded independent expeditions into the Ohio Country, and led the raid against Wheeling, West Virginia in 1782, which was the last major action of the Corps during the Revolution (and perhaps the last action of the war). After the war, Bradt settled in Niagara and served in the militia, and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, commanding the 5th Regiment, Lincoln Militia.

The re-created Bradt's company has members in Illinois and the midwest states. This unit appears to be inactive, this page remains as a record.

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